March 2011  

Board Member Nominations

Hi Ventura County APA Professionals,

It's time to nominate new Board Members for the Ventura County Chapter APA.  Below are the board positions and descriptions available to be filled.  If you are interested in becoming a Board Member for Ventura County APA please email Marlene Coe, Secretary, at

This is a great opportunity to become more involved in your local chapter and be part of a team that collaborates with other Board Members to assist in the planning of future meetings and developing and growing our chapter. 


President - will set the Chapter goals during his/her tenure. He/she will lead, direct, and plan Chapter activities. The President will be responsible for the adherence to Chapter By Laws and Standards, as well as requirements dictated by the National Organization (APA). The President will preside over all Chapter and Board meetings or provide a replacement. The President has full power to nominate Appointees. The President's voting power on all Chapter business is limited to tie breaking circumstances.

Vice-President - will assist the President in all functions, and will fulfill/assume Presidential responsibilities in the event of the President's absence or inability to complete the term of office. The Vice-President has one vote in all Chapter elections and Chapter business.

Secretary - is responsible for recording minutes, resolutions, votes and other noteworthy events. The Secretary will be responsible for disbursing documents required by the other officers. The Secretary is the custodian of the minutes and ballots. The Secretary has one vote in all Chapter elections and Chapter business.

Treasurer - is responsible for controlling the cash assets of the Chapter, including depositing and disbursing funds. The Treasurer will publish financial statements every six months. The treasurer is responsible for notifying the President and/or Board immediately in the event of financial errors. The Treasurer will file all tax returns. The Treasurer has one vote in all elections and Chapter business.

Program Director - is responsible for providing programs and presentations that meet the standards published in Article II of the Bylaws. The Program Director will select Committee members to assist in developing and publicizing programs. The Program Director will verify meeting locations and equipment and coordinate that information with the Chapter Coordinator. The Program Director has one vote in all elections and Chapter business.

Membership Director - will encourage and solicit membership in the Chapter. The Membership Director will maintain a Chapter mailing (emailing) list. The Membership Director will be responsible for recording dues paid and unpaid and be able to notify the membership accordingly. The Membership Director will be responsible for receipting dues paid. The Membership Director has one vote in all Chapter elections and Chapter business.

Webmaster - is responsible for updating and maintaining the Chapter website. The Webmaster will try to secure corporate sponsors on the website to offset the charges our website incurs.

Facilities Director (Chapter Coordinator) - is responsible for the meeting locations and will make sure the equipment required by the various speakers is available for the meetings.  Coordinates food and drinks for monthly meetings. 

Government Liaison - is responsible for keeping the membership abreast of changes in governmental regulations and is available to direct member questions to helpful websites.


Best Regards - Current Board Members

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